WELD 1/4 Green Window Jali

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1/4 Green Window Jali

Brand: BHH, Butterfly

Item Options:

1/4 Green

1/4 Green Butterfly

Length Options:

  3 ft
4 ft
5 ft

Typical Size: 

100 ft per roll.


  Finish: PVC Coated
Material: Iron
Hole Pattern: Square
Hole size: Small
Gauge: Standard


Also known as:

1-4 green, quarter green, chorus suraakh, small suraakh, green jali, plastic coated jali, PVC coated jali, window jali, support jali

Combination Products

Sold together with:

1/4 Green 3ft with 1/4 Green 4ft,

1/4 Green 4ft with 1/2 Green 4ft,

1/4 Green 4ft with Sigma Green Fibre 4ft,

1/4 Green 4ft with HG Green Fibre 4ft

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1/4 Coated Window Jali,
1/2 Green Window Jali

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