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Finish: Standard Gold PolishWidth: 3/4" | 5/8" | 1" | 1.25"
Thickness: 18g | 19g | 21g | 23g
Available Sizes: 6ft | 7ft
Note: Screws not included.

3/4" - 21g Latif is ALS's most iconic brass polished piano qabza in Pakistan. It is developed locally by Abdul Latif & Sons and have gained the trust of all customers. It is installed in cupboards, almari, chests, trunks and boxes.

Its six foot length can be cut to any custom sizes and installed as required. This feature makes it loved by carpenters because of its boundless length options. Literally anything that needs a hinge can make use of this piano qabza. The 6ft qabza may be re-painted or re-polished over to match the door.

Category: Hardware | Cabinet Hardware | 6ft Qabza (Piano Hinge)Material: Iron Sheet
Quantity: 50 pcs per pack.

Cabinet Hardware

Pull Handle

Chaadar Handle

Chaadar Handle Plain Series

Best Seller

Chaadar Handle Design Series

Best Seller

Chaadar Handle 11g Series


Rajput Chaadar Handle 700 Series

Front Screw Range

351 Rajput

14cm Classic Aluminium


14cm Classic Brass

Back Screw Range

Crystal Handle

On Clearance

Classic C Handle Panda


K Series Solox Aluminium

On Clearance

M Series Zinc


Steel Rod Handle


Steel Rod Handle Fixed

Bar Handle Flat Steel

Fancy Imported Variety

Rajput 350 Series

Best Seller

Rajput 362

Sliding Handle

Sliding Handle Aluminium


Sliding Handle Zinc Design

Sliding Handle Dotted Series

Best Seller

Sliding Handle HVY AB

Sliding Handle Steel

Limited Stock


Latkan Brown Coated

Sold Out

Latkan Jasti

Sold Out

Rajput Latkan


Latkan China


Latkan Plain Square

Latkan Fancy Round

Sold Out

Die Cast Latkan

Latkan Knocker

8032 Fancy Latkan

Sold Out


011 M AB Navi uses the classic shape of 05 M Solox and gives it a modern twist. 011 is loved by our customers because of its incredible antique finish. The chaadar handle is made by sheet metal punch fabrication machines

The handles are culturally significant and can be found in cupboards, security door screens and almari doors. The antique colours are meant to compliment the other accessories of the door, such as the kitaabi qabza, towerbolt, aldraf and door spring.

Category: Hardware | Cabinet Hardware | Pull Handle | Chaadar HandleMaterial: Iron Sheet
Quantity: Sold in dozens. 2-3 doz per box.

011 M AB Chaadar Handle Navi

Finish: AC Polish | AB Polish | Matte Black
Thickness: Standard | 11g
Available Sizes:  Small
Medium | Large
Note: Screws not included.

14cm Aluminium Solox

Finish: Standard Bronze | CP
Available Sizes: 12cm | 14cm | 16cm |  18cm
Note: Screws not included. 


14cm Aluminium has a classic look that carpenters are familiar with. They are installed in aluminium and wooden doors, that are not too heavy

The lightweight aluminium handles fit perfectly in matching aluminium frames. They are easy to install and easy to replace. Matching towerbolt is also available.

Category: Hardware | Door Hardware | Cabinet Hardware | Gate Handle | Pull Handle | Sliding HandleMaterial: Aluminium | Brass
Thickness: Standard
Quantity: Sold in dozens. 1 doz per box.

Drawer Knob

Classic Range

Crystal Latto


Classic S Knob Panda

On Clearance

Fancy Range

Imported Fancy Knob 

Round Knob


Cut Knob Steel

Chorus Knob Chrome

Sold Out

Sliding Channel

Regular Range

Solox Saadi Channel

On Clearance

Slim Goli Channel

Butterfly Goli Channel Series


Star Goli Channel

Best Seller

BHH Goli Channel


Premium Range

Solox Goli Channel Series

Best Seller

HG Classic Goli Channel


HG Dotted Hydraulic Channel

HG Executive Hydraulic Channel


The Solox Goli Channel offers mainstream strength features, including a good width size and thickness. It offers a smooth sliding experience by providing a good ball bearing count. It is installed in all kiinds of drawers, including office drawers, kitchen, bedroom, dressing tables and chest drawers

This goli channel is a quite popular drawer slide, because of its ball bearings and smoothness in opening and closing. It has a drawer pull-out feature, for deep cleaning or easy repairs.

Category: Hardware | Cabinet Hardware | Sliding Channel (Drawer Slide)Material: IronBall Clusters: UndisclosedWidth: StandardThickness: Heavy
Quantity: 15 sets per box.

14" Solox Goli Channel

Finish: Galvanised | Black | Galvanised Dotted | Black Dotted
Available Sizes:  10" | 12" | 14" | 16" | 18" | 20" | 22" | 24"
Notes: Screws may not be included.

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Magnet Catcher

Magnet Catcher

Magnet Catcher Brown


XL Plastic Catcher Chrome

Magnet Catcher Steel Series

Best Seller

Magnet Catcher SP Steel


Navi Catcher HVY Steel Series

Best Seller

Cabinet Catcher

Mini Iron Catcher

Limited Stock

Roller Catcher

On Clearance

Box Catcher

On Clearance

Bullet Plate Door Hold

Goli Catcher Brass

Limited Stock

Glass Catcher

Single Catcher Blk

Double Catcher Blk

Single Catcher Set Series

Double Catcher Set Series

Glass Qabza

Pin Qabza Pivot


Par Qabza


Push Patti

Glass Hinge Heavy

DD Double Door Hinge

Not Available

DG Single Hinge

Not Available

DW T Hinge Single

Not Available


We use several local manufacturers to provide products like the famous Navi Magnet Catcher Steel. Our Navi and MBS brands are locally trusted to provide consistent, reliable and mainstream quality products. The stainless steel magnet catcher has a very strong magnet, and is suitable for all kinds of windows, chests, drawers and cupboards.

Compared to imported alternatives, the local variant uses iron sheet by-products to provide a more cost-effective solution. The iron sheet reinforces the magnetic strength and prevents demagnetizing. The magnet catcher has an eye-catching shine and looks great in any door.

Category: Hardware | Cabinet Hardware | Magnet CatcherMaterial: Body: Stainless Steel | Inside Parts: Iron Sheet, MagnetMagnet Power: Very StrongSafety Bounce: None
Thickness: Standard
Quantity: 30-60 pcs per box.

Navi Catcher HVY Steel M

Finish: Steel
Available Sizes: Small | Medium | Extra Large | Jumbo
Note: Screws not included. 

Cabinet Qabza

Kitchen Qabza

Kitchen Qabza Saada


Kitchen Qabza Saada with Dabbi

Kitchen Qabza Hydraulic HG

Best Seller

Kitchen Qabza Hydraulic with Dabbi


Kitchen Qabza Hydraulic Steel

Kitchen Qabza 3D Hydraulic


Kamani Range

Gas Spring Homeguard Series

Best Seller

Flap Hinge Homeguard Series

Goli Kamani

Saadi Kamani

Sold Out


Homeguard's Kitchen Qabza Hydraulic is popular as a cabinet hinge. Kitchen qabza is perfect for kitchen cabinets and other fling-open cabinets for households.

The kitchen qabza offers a soft close and easy swing-open feature due to its design. The hydraulic system ensures the door auto-closes completely, when nudged lightly. It also prevents damage to the door and the hinge by absorbing the excess force. 

There is an adjustable screw, to allow for imperfect panel alignments. There are different shape options such as full bend inset and straight overlay, to accommodate the door-to-panel setup.

Category: Hardware | Cabinet Hardware | Cabinet QabzaMaterial: IronSize: StandardDabbi: NoneHydraulic: Yes3D Screw: None
Thickness: Standard
Quantity: 5 pairs per box.

Kitchen Qabza Hydraulic Homeguard

Finish: GalvanisedAvailable Shape: Straight | Half Bend | Full BendNotes: Screws may not be included.

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6ft Qabza (Piano Hinge)

Budget Range

Patang Qabza

Best Seller

Patang Qabza Coated

Standard Range

3/4" Brown Coated MH Series

Best Seller

3/4" Brown Coated VH Series

5/8" ALS Series


1" ALS Series

Premium Range

Sitara Green Series

Best Seller

Sitara Golden Series

MBS Green Series


MBS Golden Series


Sitara Germany 1#

MBS Germany 1#


Steel Qabza MBS

Steel Qabza HVY Homeguard

Best Seller


3/4" Brown Coated MH 6ft Piano Hinge is manufactured and coated locally, in different factories around the country. The brown coated qabza in Medium-Heavy thickness in particular has earned the trust of local consumers for its high quality standards.

It is installed in cupboards, almari, chests, trunks and boxes. Its six foot length can be cut to any custom sizes and installed as required. Thus, it has endless length options. The 6ft qabza can be re-painted over to match the door.

Category: Hardware | Cabinet Hardware | 6ft Qabza (Piano Hinge)Material: Iron Sheet
Thickness: Standard
Quantity: 20 pcs per pack.

3/4" Brown Coated MH 6ft

Finish: Brown Coated | Brown Painted | Light Brown Coated | Dark Brown Coated | Green Coated
Width: 3/4"
Available Sizes: 6ftNote: Screws not included.

3/4" Steel Qabza MBS

Finish: Steel
Width: 3/4" | 5/8"
Available Sizes: 6ft | 7ft
Note: Screws not included.


3/4" Steel MBS 6ft Qabza provides a stainless steel option, imported for its perfect finish and great quality. It is installed in cupboards, almari, chests, trunks and boxes.

It is 100% waterproof and rust proof. Its length can be cut to any custom size as required. Thus, it has endless length options. Anything that needs a hinge can make use of this piano qabza.

Category: Hardware | Cabinet Hardware | 6ft Qabza (Piano Hinge)Material: IronThickness: Heavy
Quantity: 25 pcs per pack.