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Featured Product

Finish: Black | Gray
Available Sizes: 75mm | 100mm | 125mm | 160mm | 200mm | 250mm
Available Setup: Plate | Pin | Plate with Brake | Pin with Brake | Fixed Plate | Wheel Only
Note: Screws not included.

The 036 - 75mm Blk Caster is great for mainstream products that need a castor. Its finish is of high quality galvanised. It is popular for its perfect size and its blend of rubber and iron.

It has a full ball bearing swivel and a thick plate to accommodate the weight. It is easy to install and has multiple setups available.

Category: Hardware | Furniture Hardware | Caster and WheelMaterial: Body - Iron | Wheel - RubberWeight Capacity: 50 kg/pc (75mm) | 70 kg/pc (100mm)Thickness: StandardBall Bearing: Swivel and WheelStride: Very Smooth
Quantity: Sold individually. 4 pcs per set.

Furniture Hardware

Khooti (Wall Hook)

Killi Range

Kaan Bracket Picture Hook


Steel Killi Single

Zinc Killi Single

Best Seller

Zinc Killi Double


Towel Ring Hanger

Limited Stock

Zinc Killi Fancy Double

Die Cast Killi Variety


Triple Hook Killi China

Limited Stock

Key Hanger Range

Horse Gari Key Hanger

Double Horse Key Hanger

Limited Stock

Camel Gari Key Hanger

Chaabi Key Hanger

Light Range

Taar Killi

Coated Killi


Alum Killi Rajput

Best Seller

Carving Killi Alum


Heavy Range

Steel Khooti Solox

Double Hook Steel

Image Khooti Steel 

Fancy Khooti AB HVY

Limited Stock

906 Steel Khooti


797 Steel Khooti


Wave Khooti Chrome

Shelf Bracket

Shelf Pin

Shelf Pin Series

Best Seller

Shelf Pin Trans SP

Not Available

Vacuum Shelf Pin Local

Vacuum Shelf Pin


Standard Range

L-Koni Solox Series

Best Seller

Super L-Koni Series


Aluminium Shelf Bracket

Shelf Bracket Solox

Heavy Range

Kala Bracket


White Bracket Local

Best Seller

Folding Bracket Kala HVY


Several local producers help us keep up with the Shelf Pin Brown demands. They are made using 100% pure plastic resin beads of the intended colour. It is used in wooden cupboards to create removable partitions and shelves

They are easy to install and they last long. Custom orders are available. Any colour can be produced for bulk orders. Iron or steel keel can be included at a premium.

Category: Hardware | Furniture Hardware | Shelf BracketMaterial: Pure Plastic
Thickness: Standard
Quantity: 144 pcs per pack.

Shelf Pin Brown

Finish: Brown | White
Notes: Keel may not be included.

Refer in store for the latest content information.

8"x10" White Bracket

Finish: White | Matte BlackAvailable Sizes:  5x6 | 6x8 | 8x10 | 10x12 | 12x14 | 14x16
Note: Screws not included.


8"x10" White Bracket are locally sourced shelf brackets. The white bracket consists of a single iron sheet pressed and fabracated into a bracket. They are easy to install on walls and wooden wall units

It is designed to maintain its shape on heavy loads. For best results, ensure correct installation on flat wall. Varying colours may be available for bulk orders.

Category: Hardware | Furniture Hardware | Shelf BracketMaterial: IronWeight Capacity: Undisclosed
Thickness: Standard
Quantity: Sold in dozens. 2 doz per box.

Glass Bracket

Panel Bracket

GW Glass Clamp Steel

Not Available

GG Glass Clamp Steel

Not Available

GF Glass Railing Spigot Leg Steel

Not Available

Glass Bracket

Vacuum Shelf Pin Local

Vacuum Shelf Pin


Corner Bracket Chrome

Samosa Bracket

D-Bracket Chrome

Best Seller

D-Bracket Steel


Sheesha Clip

Sheesha Clip A+

Best Seller

Half Cut


Spacer Series



The production of Sheesha Clip A+ is outsourced to multiple factories. They are made using 100% pure plastic resin beads, which gives it the perfect glassy transparent finish. 

They are traditionally used to hang mirrors in bathroom walls. They are easy to install and give a clean borderless look.

Category: Hardware | Furniture Hardware | Glass BracketMaterial: Pure PlasticThickness: Special
Quantity: 50 pairs per pack.

Sheesha Clip A+

Finish: Transparent
Notes: Screws may not be included.

Refer in store for the latest content information.

Bed Bracket

Bed Clip

Sunny Dub

14g BHH Kala Dub

A to Z Dub

Best Seller

10-12g Kala Solox Dub


8g Kala Solox
8g Golden Solox

Best Seller

6g Kala Dub


The 4" 8g Kala Bed Clip is manufactured locally. They are heavy duty Bed Brackets, sometimes locally referred to as 'Dub Set'

They are built, keeping the Pakistani culture of super-sized beds and heavy bridal beds in mind. The black colour goes well with the bed frame. They are easy to screw on wood, or can also be welded using welding plates onto metal frames. Custom sizes are available for bulk orders.

Category: Hardware | Furniture Hardware | Bed BracketMaterial: Iron SheetBolt Setup: 2-Bolt Plate | 3-Bolt Plate
Quantity: Sold in sets. 1 set per box.

8g Kala 4" Solox Bed Clip

Finish: Black | Golden
Thickness: 8g | 6g
Available Sizes: 3" | 4" | 5"
Note: Bolts included, Screws not included.

Paaya Fittings

Paaya Range

Classic Navi Paaya

Best Seller

267 Classic Paaya HG

Limited Stock

Navi Square Paaya


267 Pipe Paaya HG


272 Cone Paaya HG

101 Salt Paaya HG

Sold Out


The 3" Classic Navi Paaya is quite famous for furniture legs. They can be installed onto sofas, tables, counters, cabinets and more.

The black plastic caps on the bottom of the leg provides easy to adjust heights, which are perfect for varying surface levels. The caps also provide a softer glide to ensure less stress on the underfloor.

Category: Hardware | Furniture Hardware | Paaya FittingsMaterial: Pipe - Stainless Steel | Cap - Plastic | Plate - Iron
Thickness: Standard
Adjustable: Yes, upto 0.75 inch
Quantity: Sold individually.

3" Classic Navi Paaya

Finish: SSAvailable Sizes: 2" | 3" | 4" | 5" | 6"Note: Screws not included.

Caster and Wheel

Twin and Hospital Range

20-70 Plate Series

Best Seller

211 Bolt Series

215 Bolt


1.5" Pin Japan

213 Pin Series

Best Seller

215 Moti Pin
215-P Plate


225 Ball Caster

209 Trolley Wheel

611 Hospital

617 Hospital

Local Range

Plastic Halka Caster

Best Seller

Plastic Blue 


Plastic Hammar

Power Plastic

Best Seller

Solox Red Local

Loha Caster


Power Loha

Mini Caster

192 Plastic Series


084 Plastic H Series

Solox Red Bearing J Series

Best Seller

189 Loha Series


055 Blue Series
055 Green Series

Best Seller

062 Blue Pin Series

056 Blue Fixed

373 Yellow Series

374 Yellow Fixed

Transparent Caster Series

Standard Range

Best Seller

039 Blk Pin Series

Best Seller

037 Blk Fixed
020 Gray Fixed

04 Gray Series

01 Gray Pin Series

08 Gray Hole

Solox Red Series


Solox Red Pin Series


144 Blue HVY Series

Heavy Duty Range

622-A Orange Series


625-A Orange Pin Series


622-J Blk Series

Best Seller

625-J Blk Pin Series

Best Seller

747-J Red Series


Full Heavy Range

364 White HVY Caster

332 Red HVY Rubber

333 Red Rubber Fixed

103 Iron Sup HVY

094 Red Iron Sup HVY


095 Red Iron Fixed

Wheel Range

269 Blk Wheel

268 Red Rubber

262 Red Iron Wheel

398 Red Iron Wheel

3988 Lifter Red


2" Power Plastic in Diamond Brand is quite popular. The Power plastic caster is manufactured in Pakistan, and it perfect of light-duty applications. They are installed in trolleys, carts, toys, drawers and more.

They have a smooth glide because of its ball bearing. The plastic wheel is made of pure resin plastic, allowing for the perfect shape. The caster has an eye-catching design and are long-lasting.

Category: Hardware | Furniture Hardware | Caster and WheelMaterial: Body - Iron | Wheel - PVC PlasticWeight Capacity: UndisclosedThickness: LightBall Bearing: SwivelStride: Smooth
Quantity: Sold in sets. 4 pcs per set.

2" Power Plastic

Finish: Yellow
Available Sizes: 1.5" | 2" | 2.5" | 3"
Available Setup: Plate | Plate with BrakeNote: Screws not included. 

622-A - 50mm Orange HVY Caster

Finish: Black | Orange
Available Sizes: 40mm | 50mm | 60mm | 75mm | 100mm | 125mm
Available Setup: Plate | Pin | Plate with Brake | Pin with Brake
Note: Screws not included.


The 622-A - 50mm Orange and Black Casters are heavy-duty castors. They have an iconic look, and are recognisable for their strength and shape. 

They have full ball bearings and their thick plates accommodate for higher amounts of weight, even for smaller sizes. Sets include 4 plate-only castors, but they can be swapped 2+2 plate and brake, for a different price setup.

Category: Hardware | Furniture Hardware | Caster and WheelMaterial: Body - Iron | Wheel - PVCWeight Capacity: 150 kg/pc (75mm) | 200 kg/pc (100mm)Thickness: HeavyBall Bearing: Swivel and WheelStride: Very Smooth
Quantity: Sold Individually. 4 pcs per set.