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Branding and Import

In this section, we will showcase our imports and brands. Continue reading below, to discover our home brands and our top import items

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Our home brands


MBS is our Company Logo. We use it in some home brand products. It brings assurance of trust and exclusivity for our customers.


Peacock is our first jali brand. It first appeared in Nylon Netting and Expanded Metal. Peacock represents highest beauty, highest quality and a trusted brand. It now includes a large variety of products from farming, filters and fences.


Homeguard is our most premium hardware brand. It represents highest quality, royalty, luxury and security. It first appeared in Round Locks and Handle Locks. It now includes a large variety of products from Security Locks, Door Hardware and Cabinet Hardware.


Solox is our first hardware brand. It represents royalty, comfort, security and a trusted brand. It first appeared in Round Locks, Handle Locks and Magnet Catchers. It now includes a large variety of imported and local products from all hardware categories.


Butterfly or Titli is one of our earliest jali brands. It first appeared in Channa Jali and Nylon Netting. Butterfly represents beauty, mainstream and best prices. It now includes a large variety of jali and hardware products from filters, windows and cabinets.


BHH began soon after our flagship showroom was established in Jail Road, Karachi. The BHH brand first appeared in Sliding Channel and Coated Window Jali. BHH stands for Bilal Hardware House, and represents trust, mainstream and best prices. It now includes a large variety of jali and hardware products from cabinets, nettings and security locks.









With over a thousand imported products, we offer bulk purchases to resellers and customers. There are 100s of imported products that we hold in large quantities. Our imported range guarantees the highest quality product for its price. Bulk quantities of upto one mazda load is instantly available for selected items listed below.

Our top import items

Outdoor Fencing

1/4" Green
1/2" Green
18" Razor Wire
22-P Greenhouse

Category: Jali | Outdoor FencingSub-categories: Weld Mesh, Coated Window Jali, Razor Wire, Greenhouse

Window Netting

13 CH Green
14-16 PH Green
12 QH Galvanised
12 HH Galvanised
Zeta China Fibre
Sigma Fibre
Homeguard Fibre HVY
Kapa Aluminium

Category: Jali | Window NettingSub-categories: Wire Netting, Fibre Jali, Aluminium Netting

Aluminium Sheet

2 1/2 ft Alum Sheet
3 ft Alum Sheet

Category: Jali | Other Coils | Aluminium Sheet

Security Locks

5791 ET Solox
9800 AB
77-601 Smart Lock
Solox TC Padlock
LT 311-M
6682 Forest
ELCT 688 Copper
558 WB BHH
101 Solox
138-22 Green Box HG

Category: Hardware | Security LocksSub-categories: Round Lock, Handle Lock, Thumb Lock, Smart Lock, Padlock, LT Gate Taala (Night Latch), Electric Gate Taala, Almari Lock (for Cabinets), Drawer Lock, Glass Lock, Door Bolt

Door Hardware

Sliding Handle Dotted AB
Floor Hinge K8300
Solox Iron Bearing AB
Bearing Qabza Steel HG
Steel TB Homeguard
Bath Flush Steel
Padbolt Steel
Steel Stopper BHH
303 Carving Stopper
Pump Closer Homeguard
061 Door Closer HG

Category: Hardware | Door HardwareSub-categories: Glass Hinge, Door Hinge (Kitaabi Qabza), Bearing Qabza, Towerbolt, Aldraf, Door Stopper, Door Closer, Door Accessories

Cabinet Hardware

Sliding Handle Dotted AB
Solox Saadi Channel
BHH Goli Channel
Star Goli Channel
Solox Goli Channel
Magnet Catcher Br Solox
Kitchen Qabza HG
Kitchen Qabza Roeasy
Gas Spring Homeguard
3/4" Steel HG 6ft
MBS Germany 1# 6ft

Category: Hardware | Cabinet HardwareSub-categories: Pull Handle, Sliding Handle, Sliding Channel, Magnet Catcher, Cabinet Qabza, 6ft Qabza (Piano Hinge)

Furniture Hardware

Kala Bracket
8g Kala Solox Bed Clip
267 Pipe Paaya
20-70 Twin Caster
036 Blk Caster
747-J Red Solox Caster
622-A Blk Caster

Category: Hardware | Furniture Hardwaresub-categories: Shelf Bracket, Paaya Fittings, Caster and Wheel