About Us

"Based in Karachi, we offer a range of building hardware and construction netting products, with made-to-order and ready-to-ship options. We provide access to thousands of locally and internationally manufactured products."

The MBS Group of Companies

The MBS Group of Companies connects customers to Pakistan's largest wholesale hardware and netting markets. Our MB Sattar Hardware division handles the distribution for retailers, wholesalers and private buyers. MB Sattar Hardware offers thousands of building hardware and metal mesh products to our customers.

Our manufacturing divisions include Mehmood Metals and Gohar Metal Works, that provide wire mesh netting, welded mesh and expanded metal production. Highest quality measures are assured, with care, unheralded in Pakistan's mesh industry. These products are available to customers under our home brands: MBS, Peacock, Butterfly, Titli, Rooster and BHH.

The Solox International Company, Kapa Enterprises and Zeta Corporation brings access to goods from around the world to customers in Pakistan and nearby regions. These goods are available from well-known brands such as MBS, Homeguard, Solox, BHH, Sigma, Zeta, Kapa and Navi.

Our Production Facilities

Our main factory is located in Korangi, the industrial part of Karachi. We have several machines that produce different kinds of industrial nettings. The facility is divided into many different sections.

There is the raw material holding facility, that holds iron sheets and iron wire. The production facility has expanded metal production, welded mesh production and local tar jali (weaved wire netting) production. Our machines are maintained in-house, using state-of-the-art equipment and highly experienced staff. This includes workshop facilities inside the building, which reduces down times and machine breakdowns. 

Several measures are in place, to ensure persistent qualities for the manufactured products. Some of these measures include material inspection, production uniformity tests, smoothness measures and finally steadiness and durability analysis of our product line.

The warehousing and distributions facilities hold most of the finished goods. Once the inventory has been accounted for, the finished goods head to our main distribution centre. From here, daily deliveries are made to our outlets. This is how locals in Karachi get access to our products. Inter-city trade get their good directly from these centres, using dry-ports that are widely accessible throughout the country. Direct deliveries may be available in rare cases, including bulk orders and custom orders.

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Our Customers

We recognize the importance of offering imported goods to our customers. One of the main reason is, that it unlocks access to the best brands and quality products to the local market. This decision benefits businesses across Pakistan, contributing significantly to bring these quality products and brands to your homes.

Along with international brands, our local ties are vital for resellers. These ties have enabled strong b2b commerce. Our nationwide distribution networks create opportunities for local hardware store owners, fostering knowledge and benefitting a vast product base, unseen in any other industry. 

We also cater to large-scale consumers, builders and contractors seeking premium-quality products. Cutting-edge technologies like biometric security and bluetooth-enabled smart locks have become a commonplace for mega-projects. Our ongoing commitment, market response and close connections to local manufacturers aims to facilitate continuous growth and properity to all our stakeholders.

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Our Commitment

​The MBS Group of Companies prioritises building strong relationships within its network and beyond. We are dedicated to connect thousands of businesses through our wide-spread wholesale influence.

There are many examples we can share about our connections with local manufacturers, and how we foster success together. The 6-foot qabza from Abdul Latif & Sons is a classic item that our customers love. Our close ties has created a credence for ALS branded items in the community.

In addition to this, we work closely with the local industry experts to bring innovation to the market. We have helped Sitara Industries bring new solutions and end-products to Karachi. The Sitara Craft brand brings bearing hinges, that were previously considered as an import-only product. This alternative is sought for its fine quality offering. All this has been made possible through community feedback and B2B business decisions that we make jointly with our suppliers.

Our history is marked with setting industry standards, exploring new ideas and providing unmatched alternatives. Introducing 58-WB Zinc to Pakistan changed how local almari specialists install locks on their cupboards. This is an example of how advancements have taken place in the industry. 

Our goal is to create the perfect blend of product, price and quality, and we are making bold developments to get there. 

We can't wait to show you what we can bring together in the upcoming years. 

Our Story

MB Sattar's journey began with by our grandfather Abdul Sattar and his four sons. Our grandfather instantly has been known for affordable prices and consistent quality.

Abdul Sattar and his two eldest sons started off with a couple of employees, offering 'jali' products. They used to measure and cut each roll to size and sell each roll in custom quantities. The first branch in Bohrapir, famous for being the shop under the mosque, was a great foundation for the family-owned business.

Our focus shifted into manufacturing of jali quite swiftly, and with it, begun the future of the company. Abdul Sattar bought expanded metal producing machinery, along with iron and nylon weaving machines. These jali products are used for screening, privacy, security, fences, boundaries, ceilings, sieve, filters, grill, baskets, architecture, farms barriers, cages, railing and much more.

With the success in architectural metalwork and construction industry, the team began expanding into hardware wholesale, and eventually started importing directly from China. The company now has over 30 years of importing experience.

Between 2003 and 2006, the need for a flagship warehouse arose to keep up with the growing product portfolio. The company added Bilal Hardware House as its third outlet. In 2018, the MBS Group added welded mesh and chain link manufacturing. 

Today, we have an extensive product portfolio tailored to diverse hardware and industrial applications. Designers, builders, resellers and project managers use our products for their projects.

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