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Finish: Blue | Gray | Red | Orange | Green
Note: Screws not included.

Fame Plug is our popular wall plug for screws. It is used on walls. Simply drill a hole in the wall and hammar it directly. Screws of different lengths and thicknesses can be screwed on. 

It is made using a plastic mold. Fame plug is of great quality and made of pure plastic.

Category: Hardware | Other Categories | Hook and FastenersMaterial: Pure PlasticThickness: 12 numberHole Size: M4 drillLength: Standard
Quantity: 100 pcs per box.

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Cushion Glide

Best Seller

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Wall Plug Wooden Gitti

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Several local producers help us keep up with the demands of our 1" Cushion Glide. They are made using 100% pure plastic resin beads, giving it the pure white colour. 

It is used as floor cushioning for sofas, chairs and other furnitures. The soft plastic cap gives the furniture a safety bounce, to avoid floor scratches when the furniture glides. 

They are very easy to install and last long. Custom orders are available. Any colour can be produced for bulk orders.

Category: Hardware | Other Categories | Hook and FastenersMaterial: Pure Plastic
Thickness: Standard
Stride: SoftSafety Bounce: Yes, Soft plastic cap
Quantity: 144 pcs per pack.

3/4" Cushion Glide Plastic

Finish: White | Brown
Available Sizes: 0.75" | 1" | 1.5"

1.5" - 14 TL Thumb Brand

Finish: galvanisedAvailable Shapes: Standard | TL (without head)Available Sizes:  0.5" | 0.75" | 1" | 1.25" | 1.5" | 2" | 2.5" | 3" | 4"Available Thickness: 20 | 17 | 15 | 14 | 12 | 10Note: Thickness is an indication only. The nails do not come in standard BWG/SWG gauges.


1.5" - 14 TL Thumb Brand Nail is manufactured locally. It is a high quality nail with a good shine. It can be used in all kinds of applications, including on the wall, on wood and on wooden furnitures.

For best results, ensure that the nail is hit head-on. The TL version helps with a clean, flush look. 

Category: Hardware | Other Categories | Hook and FastenersMaterial: Iron
Quantity: 1 kg per box.

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Zinc Cylinder M IK


Brass Cylinder M Both SK

Not Available

Brass Cylinder M IK Series


Zinc LB Saada

Best Seller

Dotted Zinc LB Full Bearing


Dotted Steel LB Full Bearing

4-Rod Metal LB Bearing Heavy

Brass Cylinder L 70mm

Not Available

Large Zinc LB Saada


Large Dotted Steel LB Full Bearing

Large 4-Rod Metal LB Bearing Heavy

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Bathroom Chutki

Limited Stock

Shooter Rosette

Not Available

Shooter Round Lock

Best Seller

Misc Parts

Caster Nutbolt

Not Available

Aldraf Caps and Hasps

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Dust Plug Brass

Dust Plug Steel

Limited Stock

Electic Coil 100% Copper

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