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Weld Mesh

Welded Mesh is a wire netting technique that spot-welds iron wires together in various hole sizes. Long lengths of wires are continuously fused onto each other to form a mesh.

Weld Mesh is known for its strength, durability and flexibility. don't have sharp edges or likelihood of broken holes. They are more precise and user friendly. Therefore they are perfect for windows, house fences and outdoor public recreational areas


Material Selection: We provide very shiny electro-galvanised, mild steel (MS) and regular hot dipped galvanised options.

Wire Drawing (as required): The wire is drawn through multiple dies, in order to achieve the desired thickness. This process also ensures uniformity and consistency in its diameter.

Wire Cleansing: The wires are lubricated with various solutions and/or oils to maintain a good finish and corrosion resistance. Surface treatments such as annealing (heat treatment), galvanizing (zinc coating) may also be done in-house.

Coiling: The wires are then coiled onto compatible spools.

Setup: The spools are then set up as required by the weld mesh machine.

Vertical Feeding: Vertical wires are fed into the machine, depending upon height needed and hole size.

Horizontal Feeding: A wire is then fed horizontally, and cut into the needed height size.

Spot-Weld: The machine instantly spot-welds the wires together in one go. This ensures accurate hole sizes and constant weld strength.

Further Vertical Feed: The vertical wires are fed in slightly further, based on the hole size needed. This readies the next weld.

Disengaging: The final mesh is disengaged from the machine, ready to be rolled.

Packaging: The welded mesh is cut into 50ft or 100ft rolls and packaged using shrink packing machinery.

Quality Inspection: Each roll is inspected three times in its production cycle. Once at the moment of production. Then, at the moment of length measurements and finally when the sheets are rolled and packaged. 

Coating or Painting (Optional): PVC coated and painted options are available on most hole sizes.

Typical Specifications

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