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Production and Wholesale

In this section, we will showcase what we manufacture and wholesale. Continue reading below, to discover our in-house production, our outsourced production & wholesale and some of our best-price guaranteed, unbeatable local products

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Our in-house production

Expanded Metal

We are well-known as 'Jali Walay' for this reason. We manufacture a wide range of expanded metal products. It is only by the Will of God that we have access to world-class machineries and an in-house workshop, which helps us develop great products at great prices. We have large production capacities, exceeding 1,000s of running feet available instantly. 

Our team has designed several expanded mesh products, in distinct categories. We have our Welding Jali range, Window Welding, Farming Jali, Plaster Jali, Filter Jali, Coated Window Jali and Standard Window Jali.

Category: Jali | Outdoor Fencing | Expanded MetalMaterial: Iron Sheet - Galvanised | Iron Sheet - Kaali | Aluminium Sheet
Typical Size: 70-300 ft per roll.
Options Available: Length: 3ft | 4ft | 5ft | 6ft | 7ft
Hole Pattern: Diamond, Wide, Super, Shell
Finish: Standard, Galvanised, Painted, Powder Coated (Green, Blue, White, Brown, Black)

Channa Jali (Black Wire Mesh)

Known locally as 'Channa Jali', our kaali wire mesh is specifically designed to meet local sand and stone filtration demands. We have experience of over 40 years of production. We use custom-made machinery and traditional wielding methods to ensure even thickness and correct hole size throughout. 

Manual sand filtering is still the most common traditional method used in construction today. This is where our 'Kaali Tar Jali' is required the most.

Category: Jali | Filter Netting | Channa JaliMaterial: Black oiled iron wire | Galvanised wire
Size: 50ft per roll.
Options Available:Length: 3ft | 4ft
Hole Size: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 wires per inch
Finish: Kaala (Black) | Galvanised

Local Tar Jali (Wire Mesh)

Well-known by their product names such as 11-Titley and 11 Medium Green our local tar jali are popular, especially in the northern regions of Pakistan. Sharing some of the same technologies as our channa jali tech, we assure a neatly woven wire mesh. 

Local tar jali is perfect for window screens. Alternatively, some models can be used for filtering purposes. Stainless steel 204 and 304 is available on special orders.

Category: Jali | Window Netting | Local Tar JaliMaterial: Galvanised wire
Size: 50ft per roll.
Options Available:Length: 3ft | 4ft | 5ft
Hole Size: 9, 11 wires per inch
Finish: Galvanised, Painted (Green, Blue), Powder Coated

Welded Mesh

Our spot-welded machines provide economical boundary fence options. Weld mesh offers the same strength and benefits as expanded metal does. This includes the speed of production, and instant availability to thousands of feet of jali. We offer galvanised, painted and powder coated options. We have a slew of technologies and we bring techniques from our other manufacturing sources, and this gives us a competitive edge. 

Locally known as 'square welding jali', weld mesh products are quite trendy. With no sharp edges, these are perfect as welded boundary fences and also as window screen support. Since production is in-house, we can offer various bulk orders and custom built order according to your needs.

Category: Jali | Outdoor Fencing | Weld Mesh | Coated Window Jali (Square)Material: Galvanised wire
Size: 50ft or 100ft per roll.
Options Available:Length: 3ft | 4ft | 5ft | (other sizes on request)
Hole Size: 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1.5", 2", 4"
Finish: Galvanised, Painted, Powder Coated (Green, Blue)

Chain Link

Our famous chain link boundary jali is now made in-house, locally. Taylor-made for each order, we assure international standards, even thickness and hole sizes. 

Chain link has the advantage of powerful shock-absorbtion, wide coverage and long-lasting links. That is why these products are globally preferred as boundary fencing. Their extra-high length and uninterrupted links give them even strengths throughout the entire fence. The item is often bought in conjunction with razor wire, for added security.

Category: Jali | Outdoor Fencing | Chain LinkMaterial: Galvanised wire, Kaala wire
Size: made to order. Typically 50ft per roll.
Options Available:Length: 5ft | 6ft | 8ft | 10ft
Hole Size: 50mm, 57mm, 63mm, 75mm (2", 2.25", 2.5", 3")
Finish: Galvanised, Painted, Powder Coated (Green, Blue, Black)

Nylon Netting

We use traditional manufacturing techniques to provide locally acclaimed nylon jali at the cheapest prices. It is almost an ancient cultural heritage, and we can find nylon netting in houses all over Pakistan. Additionally, because of its pure properties, it is used in several liquid and solid filtering applications. 

Nylon jali is mainly used as Window Netting and Filter Netting. Special mesh sizes are available on request.

Category: Jali | Filter Netting | Nylon NettingMaterial: Nylon wire
Size: 100ft per roll.
Options Available:Length: 3ft | 1 metre | 4ft
Hole Size: Standard, 24 mesh, 30 mesh, 40 mesh, 50 mesh
Colours: Green, White, Blue, Gray

Plaster Stopper

We use in-house techniques for our plaster stoppers and corner beads. This technique allows for better quality, at incredably cheap prices and high-volume output. We have also improved our machinary over the years to provide more flexible options.

These are commonly used in construction projects, including shopping malls and modern homes.

 Flattened plaster stoppers are also available on request.

Category: Jali | Other Coils | Plaster StopperMaterial: Iron Sheet - Galvanised
Quantity: 100 pcs per pack.
Options Available:Length: 3ft | 4ft
Hole Pattern: Standard
Finish: Galvanised

Aluminium Sheet

Our Aluminium Sheet is now locally re-sized and prepared in-house. We have installed custom-designed machineries, specifically to make our most popular item even more economical. 

Aluminium sheet is used in water-resistant doors, as coveralls, sealants, and various other construction projects. We now offer flexible bulk sizes and extra-secure packaging for inter-city sales.

Category: Jali | Other Coils | Aluminium SheetMaterial: Aluminium Sheet
Typical Size: 5-25 kilos per roll.
Options Available:Length: 1ft | 1.5ft | 2ft | 2.5ft | 3ft | 4ft
Finish: Standard shine

Our outsourced production & wholesale

Local Brass Items (Handle, Towerbolt, Aldraf, Qabza)

Our high-end brass items have a refined finish, especially the antique brass finish. Even though we sell all kinds of hardware in brass, our wide pull handle range, towerbolt, aldraf and kitaabi qabza range are most loved by our customers. 

We offer great quality at great prices. Some of our special order items are custom-made for luxury housing.

Category: Hardware | Door and Gate Hardware | Pull Handle | Towerbolt | Aldrop | Qabza Kitaabi (Door Hinge)Material: 100% pure Brass
Typical Quantity: 1 doz per box.
Options Available:Typical Length: Item dependent (4" to 36")
Finish: AB, Gold, SN

Local Loha Items (Chaadar Handle, Towerbolt, Aldraf, Qabza)

Similar to our brass items, our loha (iron) items are especially popular among retailers and distributors. We sell locally made hardware accross the country to thousands of businesses. Many of Pakistan's famous manufacturers choose us as their main suppliers of local hardware. 

These local hardware products are a staple, when it comes to selling. We have a wide range of items that fit this category, including our most famous chaadar handle range, TBH towerbolt, aldraf, t-qabza and, most importantly, the traditional kitaabi qabza. 

We offer from some of the most famous brands of the country, valued most highly by our customers, including Solox, Navi, ALS, Sitara and Rajput.

Category: Hardware | Door and Gate Hardware | Pull Handle | Towerbolt | Door Closer | Aldrop | Qabza Kitaabi (Door Hinge)Material: Iron Sheet
Typical Quantity: 1-3 doz per box.
Options Available:Typical Length: Item dependent (2" to 18")
Finish: AC, AB, SN, GP

Steel Rod Handle

Our exclusive Steel Rod Handle provides unmatched strength and elegance. They are made of stainless steel and therefore rust proof. Their strength and style has always kept them as a popular cabinet handle option with our customers. 

Custom orders, including aluminium material option and other size options are also available. 

Category: Hardware | Cabinet Hardware | Cabinet HandleMaterial: 100% Stainless Steel Rod | Aluminium Rod | Iron Rod
Typical Quantity: 18 pcs per box.
Options Available:Typical Length: 4" | 6" | 8" | 12" | 18"
Finish: SN

With over 2,300 products, we offer unbeatable prices for resellers and customers. There are 100s of local products that we guarantee being the cheapest in Pakistan. Check out some of them, in the list below.

Our unbeatable local offers

Security Locks:
Babar Handle Lock
Almari Green
E-Round Key Aligarh Padlock

Door Hardware:
257 Rajput Gate Handle
Brass Gate Handle Al Noor
Image Pipe Handle Steel
FF Plastic Stopper
Armstrong Alum Keel Stopper
Door Spring Solox
Pump Closer Solox
Sitara AC Qabza
Sitara Craft Bearing Qabza
T-Qabza Solox Jasti
Double Action Sitara
TBH Solox Towerbolt
Aluminium Towerbolt Solox
Brass Towerbolt Square
Rajput Aankri
5 No. Solox Aldraf
Rajput Aldraf

Cabinet Hardware:
BHH Sliding Handle Dotted AB
06 Solox Chaadar Handle
12cm Aluminium Handle
351 Rajput Zinc Handle
C# Classic Panda Handle
Crystal Latto (knob)
Steel Magnet Catcher Navi
Brown Magnet Catcher Solox
Pin Qabza Solox
Cut Chapka
3/4" ALS 6ft Qabza
MBS Green 6ft Qabza
3/4" MBS Brown Coated 6ft Qabza
3/4" Patang 6ft Qabza
Kitchen Qabza Hydraulic
Goli Kamani

Furniture Hardware:
Bed Clip Solox (Kaala Dub Set)
Kaala Shelf Bracket
L-Koni Loha
D-Bracket 8mm
Sheesha Clip A+
Shelf Pin Brown
Solox Red Caster
Power Loha Caster
Power Plastic Caster
Plastic Blue Caster
Navi Classic Paaya
Zinc Killi Single
Steel Khooti

Window Hardware:
TC Window Wheel
Fame Single Glass Wheel
Window Wheel Golden
Window Latch Solox
Parda Taar Burhaan
Shower Ring Plastic
Choori Bracket Solox
667 Parda Bracket

Other Categories:
? Hook
Joint Bolt Plain
Cushion Glide
Navi Bathroom Set
Fame Plug (Wall Plug for Screws)
Thumb Brand Nails

...and many more!