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Expanded Metal

Expanded Metal is a fence netting technique that uses diamond-shaped cutters to slit through soft iron sheets into various diamond mesh patterns. This process stretches the material into very long rolls. It enables lighter, flexible and stronger per metre length than the starting sheet.

Expanded Metal Mesh is therefore perfect for long, continuous security fences and outdoor screening. Due to its low cost, low maintenance, it is the most common choice for farm, poultry and massive land boundaries.


Material Selection: We provide the following material choices: Mild Steel (MS), Cold Rolled Sheet, Hot Rolled Sheet, 204 Stainless Steel, 304 Stainless Steel and Aluminium Sheet.

Resizing the Raw Material: In most cases, the sheet is cut into narrow strips to match the height requirements.

Slitting: The flat sheet is fed into the expanded metal machine. The cutter blades slit the sheets in a staggered diamond pattern.

Feeding: The sheet is fed slightly, according to the appropriate gauge requirement and prepares for a second slit.

Blade repositioning: Depending on the machine type, either the blade or the entire sheet is re-positioned such that the tips of the blades meet the bondage points.

Further Slits: Further slits are made, bonded together at the cut edges.

Sheet Expansion: The continuous sheet increments and slits causes the sheet to stretch into much longer lengths than the starting sheet. 

Quality Inspection: Each roll is inspected two to three times in its production cycle. Once at the moment of production. Then, at the moment of length measurements and finally also when the sheets are rolled and packaged. 

Flattening (Optional): Flattened expanded jali options are available on request. This is done through passing it through a different flattening machine.

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